what people say

A most enjoyable two days of tramping the high hills of Pakira with good company, good weather and excellent accommodation, a home away from home. 

Velda & Jack, Doug & Helen. TARANAKI


Awesome tramping, one day we did the Northern Walk and the next day the Southern Walk. Great views and scenery, loved walking amongst all the farm animals.

Richard & Louise, Simon & Sue. WELLINGTON


What an experience for us to be shown around a New Zealand farm, seeing sheep shearing and swimming in the river. We enjoyed the quiet, peace and beauty of this lovely spot.

Ferlind & Alya. GERMANY


A real taste of New Zealand farm life.



With no distractions, we could focus on spending quality time together.

Faye, D'arcy, Ella & Finn. WELLINGTON


Just paradise.

Paul, Julie, James & Neil. ENGLAND


The dogs were amazing, gathering and moving the sheep.

John & Donna. Ohio, USA


I liked being involved, even dagged a sheep.



The excellent hospitality showered upon us, was second to none.

Lena & Patrick. SINGAPORE


Real NZ.

Matthew & Victoria. Cornwall, ENGLAND